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Intra Upholstery continues a family tradition of three generations of craftsmanship with over 50 years of experience, providing high-end work with interior designers and decorators in the San Francisco Bay Area, which includes the East Bay, the Peninsula, the Contra Costa County, and the South Bay for the last fifteen years..

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Staff members take pride of their work and are committed to make each piece of furniture and wall upholstery a unique design with style, strength and beauty, achieving customers demand.

about us

It’s always nice to share a story. My grandmother was a fine knitter and my uncles were shoemakers. She created beautiful clothing for children and my uncles’ comfortable shoes for men. They began an entrepreneurship that was passed on to next generations. Their persistence, wit, character and confidence where also passed on to my father who has worked in upholstery for over 50


Now, the new generation is proud to follow the family tradition, opening, developing and managing an upholstery business with the family’s unique experience and wisdom that will benefit each customer, who feels welcome and greatly satisfied by the craftsmanship

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